Data Management and Software Development Sub-committee

Terms of reference

The main objective is to support implementation of the recommendations for data management strategies, protocols, and software tools established by the WHO AGISAR Secretariat and Subcommittees. Activities of this Subcommittee will address surveillance of resistance in microbial isolates of human, animal, food, and environmental origin and surveillance of antimicrobial consumption in human and animal populations and environmental settings.
Work of the Subcommittee will include the development, identification, and/or adaptation of softwares and data management tools which support the Secretariat recommendations for data capture, analysis, report formats, and sharing of data between WHO AGISAR collaborators. 
Main activities of the subcommittee include:
  • Development of technical specifications for improving the use of WHONET for the management of resistance surveillance data for human, animal, food, and environmental microbial isolates
  • Development of technical specifications for improving the use of ABC Calc for the management of antimicrobial consumption statistics in human, animal, and other applications
  • Technical guidance on data management strategies for pilot projects funded by WHO AGISAR
  • Support for the expansion of surveillance activities through dissemination of WHONET and ABC Calc
  • Coordination with the Danish National Food Institute (DTU Food) to improve the submission, use, and value of data submitted to the Global Foodborne Infections Network (WHO GFN) Country Data Bank.