Capacity Building, Country Pilot Studies and Focused Research Projects Sub-committee

Terms of reference

The main objective is to strengthen the capacity of countries for integrated surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and to help implementation of AGISAR/GFN pilot projects, particularly in developing countries
Main activities of the subcommittee include:
  • Identify and make available relevant resources of antimicrobial resistance, integrated resistance surveillance, and antimicrobial usage
  • Review AGISAR/GFN study proposals and Identify potential pilot sites for AGISAR/GFN projects
  • Develop and facilitate implementation of training modules for a postgraduate interdisciplinary intersectoral audiences.
  • Encourage participation in external quality control systems during AGISAR/GFN training courses to address proficiency/data gaps in laboratories monitoring antimicrobial resistance in foodborne pathogens according to FAO, WHO, OIE