Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring Subcommittee

Terms of reference

The main objective is to work towards harmonization so that antimicrobial resistance surveillance data from different countries can be appropriately compared.
Main activities of the subcommittee include:
  • Provide guidance on sampling strategies
  • Provide guidance on surveillance and monitoring priorities, and minimum requirements for integrated monitoring systems and for AGISAR pilot monitoring projects
  • Develop recommendations for international harmonization of integrated antimicrobial resistance monitoring systems for foodborne bacteria, including both pathogenic and commensal organisms
  • Disseminate guidelines and standards on laboratory testing methods and quality assurance
  • Propose components of reporting and information sharing that permit regional and international comparison of findings
  • Communicate recommendations through the WHO Global Foodborne Infections Network (WHO GFN) training courses, AGISAR pilot projects, and through other partnerships